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For Sale or Wanted

For Sale or Wanted

The Magnetic Mine is Defeated

"Hitler’s secret weapon," as the magnetic mine was nicknamed was not secret for long: neither was it long before countermeasures were devised.

Extract from’ The War Illustrated’ April 5th 1940.‘During the past few weeks many British ships have been fitted with a special secret device that renders them immune from damage from magnetic mines.To ensure that this ‘special device’ was operating properly monitoring stations were established around the coast line. The Bay Museum was one of the stations, known locally as the ‘Canvey Loop’.

It is a unique building in its own right, as it is the only surviving fully intact example of this type of 1940’s MOD Property on the North side of the Thames Estuary.

This year the weather was a scorcher which was probably why we didn’t get quite as many members of the public as usual. They were all up on the beach enjoying the weather. Despite this we had a good day, radio reasonably active and the usual friendly social atmosphere around the 2 gazebos.

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Sunday 18th June  2017