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For Sale or Wanted

 Heavenly Body II GB2HB

8th August 2015

We again in 2015 operated GB2HB at the  Island Yacht Club on 8th  August, good weather but not great conditions on the air  the reason for the Radio Station was to commemorate the VJ Day and  71th anniversary of Heavenly Body II the  B17 aircraft that crashed at Canvey Point in 1944  only a couple of hundred yards from our operating site , Also during the day the Mural about the crash on the sea wall was commissioned and some of the Visitors came into our tent first was our MP for Castle Point Rebecca Harris then Ray Howard Essex County Councillor both we managed to get on the microphone.

Lots of feedback from stations that we worked was received by email and social media on how they appreciated the The video and information on our web site and QRZ.com about the crash , modes worked were CW, PSK31, SSB, great fun and good company , great operators, thanks to everyone that operated and helped on the day .