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The Date:- Saturday 25th November

The Place:- Island Yacht Club, Canvey

The Time:- 08.30

The Weather:- Brass Monkeys

Your committee, in its infinite wisdom, decided we needed one more field event before Christmas. As a result of which a band of intrepid (read ‘stupid’) members gathered on the foreshore outside the Yacht Club to erect the usual field paraphernalia. It was FREEZING. So cold the kettle wouldn’t boil. However, despite the personal hardship, the gallant few succeeded in setting up the station and operations began. How Dave managed the key with his fingers shivering I don’t know - but he did.

Then at 10 o’clock the outlook changed - the Yacht Club galley opened and your author headed the rush for breakfast. Wonderful.

Unfortunately, I had to leave at lunchtime so I don’t know the contact tally, but when Dave gets going it is usually quite impressive.

Island Yacht Club

Saturday 25th November 2017

The day gets under way.