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For Sale or Wanted

JOTA   Canvey   Scouts

59th JOTA GB2CIS 15th October 2016

 Canvey Island Essex

It was another  JOTA weekend this year on the 15th of October we operated GB2CIS for the 1st Canvey Sea Scouts at St Ann’s Church , Canvey Island  this was the second time we have operated from their hall, we usually operate from Canvey Heights which can be a bit cold this time of year, we normally have at  least 30 odd scouts, beavers and cubs during the day, but this year was quite a low turn out.We had many contacts with stations that wished to work us , we used our Windom HF ant and a 5/8 collinear for 2mts at 30ft , we had two Scouts that  were very interested and may decide to take up the hobby  We have operated this JOTA Station on and off for the last 25 years now and still enjoy putting this station on but next year it may be for a different group and location.