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For Sale or Wanted

GB1HF  for the Olympic Mountain Bike competitions at Hadleigh Farm,Essex  27th July to 23 August 2012

When we won the Olympic Games four years ago we decided that our Club would be operating a Special event station over the 28 days of the games some of our members attended meetings at Castle Point Council when we were told that we would not get access to or near the site at Hadleigh because of a security lock down in that local area, as the site is on the side of Benfleet Downs overlooking the Thames Estuary, I decided that somewhere on Canvey Island would be ideal near, or on the salting's opposite the site, as I am a member of a Yacht Club at Canvey Point the site looked ideal, we would be looking up to Benfleet Downs to the site from the other side of Benfleet Creek, We operate a Station at the Yacht Club for their fun day, every year so we know how good the site is on HF (I don’t know if it’s the salt water or the good earth that makes it so good) .

The Station was operated at over twenty times during the 28 days on all modes and bands, with most of the

club members taking part with older members to newly licensed members, our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to operate at field stations not just the more skilled members, some days we just operated out of my camper with a G5RV for HF and a 2mt collinear at 30ft other times when more members were present we used our popup Gazebo. The station was never planned as a big event running 24hrs a day we had to erect the antennas and dismantle them every time we operated, there was a large station being planned by a local emporium but it did not happen what did amaze me was the enthusiasm all over the world to work the station for the Olympic call.

We worked 1163 stations in total, with 510 on CW, 135 on PSK31, 477 on SSB , 41 on 2mt FM,  highlights were China, Japan, Canada, and USA ,members that operated found with the pile ups that we uncounted and help and support from older members that there operating skills were improved over the event ,for some of us it was a lot of work organizing it everyday, but it was worth it, In all it was a very enjoyable 20 days we had a very good site, where we spent most days looking out watching the warships in the Estuary patrolling the Thames for the Olympics Games and enjoying the view, Thank you to all Amateurs that worked the station . 73 Dave Speechley G4UVJ