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Boxted Airfield Colchester


Airstrips On The Air

Sunday June 10th

We had been invited up to Boxted today to help with the Boxted Historical Society’s celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the arrival in 1943 of 80 Marauder aircraft and over 3,000 American servicemen to help in the war effort. Of course they had a particular interest in CW used extensively during WW2.

The day started with everyone meeting up at the local McDonalds for a quick coffee before heading to the airfield. We arrived at around 9.30am Weather was cloudy, but there was no wind rain highly unlikely and it was warm.

Everyone got stuck in and it didn’t take long to get up the marquee and antenna. We decided on the homebrewed Windom for HF and stuck with the Diamond X50 Colinear for 2mts.

Once the station was assembled, Dave (G4AJY) got down to business and was soon racking up a number of European and Russian contacts on the HF bands CW. While Brian (G7IIO) started using the Clubs new Yeasu 991A and giving it a good test on 2mts FM.

Dave G4AJY

Brian G7IIO &

Dorothy M0LMR

While this was all happening Mark (2E0RMT) was doing the very important job of getting the Bacon and Sausage butties done, after an early start, a hot snack is a very welcome addition to a Morning.

While we were all tucking in QSO’s were stacking up HF was limited with the band conditions to mainly Europe and 2mts locally was a little quiet maybe due to the Ipswich Rally which was also being held today (I hope you guys had a great day). Although I think contact of the day had to go to Mark (2E0RMT) for a QSO with a station in Northamptonshire on 2, fantastic.   

Unfortunately, as the day went on band conditions didn’t improve SSB for us was very quiet plus there was a big competition in the CW sections of most  bands however we found that 30mts had some plenty of life on it and we made a few nice contact in and around Europe again.

All in all a great day. We played radio, we ate bacon butties and we spent the day talking radio with like minded folk.

Thanks go out to all the members and non-members who attended and who helped us with setting up the equipment and then maybe more importantly those who stayed around afterwards to help with putting it all away again.

I for one look forward to the next Special Event/Field day.

Tony G0JYI