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For Sale or Wanted

SEAR’s Meeting, June 13th 2017

Building the wireless age  by  tim wander

This month the Club was very privileged to have Tim Wander, curator of Sandford Mill, as our guest speaker. Tim is a world renowned authority on the early days of wireless, historian and highly accomplished author.  Coupled with his excellent lecturing ability this made one of the most enjoyable and informative talks to which I have ever listened. He covered in depth the first 10 years of Marconi’s attempts to not only get wireless working and accepted but to make a profit.

He covered the work of all the early pioneers and explained how Marconi, without the benefit of any technical education, tied all their work together and then improved things purely by trial and error. Along with most of the early pioneers, Marconi had no real idea of how this new phenomenom worked but just kept trying new things until it worked a bit better. He explained just how dangerous the early radio shacks were with high voltages, sight destroying sparks and semi-lethal gases from the Leyden jars (for information on these look at www.codecheck.com/cc/LeydenJar.html) used for storing the high voltages needed to produce the spark for transmission.