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For Sale or Wanted

For Sale or Wanted

S.E.A.R.S Morse Classes

SEARS have received many requests during the year for Morse Code lessons. The Committee is now pleased to announce the reintroduction of such lessons, commencing early in 2017.  We have asked Dave/G4AJY to conduct them.  

Dave will hold the lessons at his own QTH in the first instance.  There is no charge.  The classes will begin when there is a minimum of 6 students waiting. Only students who are serious and plan to complete the course fully will be accepted.  If you cannot commit to do at least fifteen minutes practice every day, please do not apply.  Apart from this, places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The lessons will teach the alphabet, numerals and more common punctuations and prosigns, plus CW QSO procedures.  The Farnsworth method will be used to get you up to speed quickly.

You do not need your own morse key initially as the emphasis is on learning to receive before you learn to key.  This avoids learning bad habits before you can recognise them.

Please make all applications to Dave by email:  djellis32@yahoo.com