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Headline Pictures:- Rayleigh Windmill Special Event 2019

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Mills On The Air

Sunday May 13th

“(Only a partial report at the moment as I had to leave early.) I arrived at the agreed time of 08.30 to find that the Gazebo and cook tent were already erected and discussions on aerial positioning were underway. As a result, we were up and operating in record time. A prospective new member, Jeff (or Geoff, not sure) arrived and was welcomed into the crew.

By the time I left shortly after 10 both radios were in full swing, the coffee had been made (and drunk) and the bacon was sizzling (it is very hard to leave when the smell of cooking bacon is permeating the atmosphere.

With luck one of the members will fill in the report on the rest of the day.


And what a great day it was. We started off the morning on 2mts FM and 80mts SSB. The bands were up with some nice signals coming in and we were working some local stations and some from further afield. I think we managed 5 other Windmills on the air during the day.

The HF antenna was working extremely well on 80 and 40. I don’t think there was a station I heard on either band that wasn’t workable. We received some excellent reports from all over the country and Europe.

A little later Richard G7OED, made the clubs first FT8 data contact. While in the afternoon after many bacon rolls were consumed (well done Mark 2E0RMT) the bands had faded a little and QSO’s were getting harder to come by. With the fading condition and the contest loaded HF bands I thought it a great opportunity to make few CW contact. Nothing spectacular, just some very solid European contacts, again the Antenna doing a really great job in difficult conditions.

On the VHF/UHF side of things Kristian M0SSK a new member for SEARS joined us and operated on 2mts. This was towards the end of the day, but he still made, I think, 22 contacts. It is really nice to see so much enthusiasm. In fact they had to take the marque down around him, he was so keen. Well done for a brilliant effort.

Finally, I just wanted to thank all the Sears members who helped organise and put on the event, along with a big thank you to all the Ham’s and none Ham’s who visited us during the day. I think we must have had representatives from most of the local clubs. Essex Ham, TARG, Acorns and CARs and some real interest from the public, as I said at the beginning, “What a Great Day”

Tony G0JYI