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For Sale or Wanted

International Space Station School

Contact Winter Gardens School Page 2


Listen to the contact here

Winter Gardens Primary School had been waiting about 20 months to do this contact which didn't disappoint, a large crowd including local dignity's and parents and school governors  was assembled in one of the school halls, ten students took part asking their questions that was answered by Reid Wiseman KF5LKC  the NASA Astronaut on board the ISS, we had a table full of Amateur Radio Equipment Radio’s, Morse keys, QSL cards and publicity handouts for people to try  or ask questions about Amateur Radio once the event finished which was taken up by many, around 10 club members were present at the event setting up the station or chatting to the public  many taking the day off from work to be there , many thanks to all that helped , feedback from the school was that it will be remembered for many years to come and thanked ARISS and our club for all the help we gave to make it possible.  Photo Credits  Vic G6BHE, Bill G6ZUE .

If you know a School or Organisation that would like a contact with the ISS please contact the club for more information .